10 Excellent Fonts for InDesign

The «Body Text» fonts in Adobe InDesign are beautiful since they embody both the essence and core of the book. This selection of sources shows high-quality, precision and balance.

Choosing a typeface is one of the most common decisions among designers given the extraordinary amount of sources available. Nonetheless, professionals must emphasize high-quality over any other feature.

Here I invite to you to visit my Premium Selection which is accompanied with a Mini Guide. Enjoy and tell me which is your favorite.

1. Garamond Premiere Pro

Garamond Premiere Pro

2. Adobe Garamond Pro

Adobe Garamond Pro

3. Garamond


4. Helvetica Neue LT Std

Helvetica Neue

5. Frutiger Lt Std

Frutiger Lt Std

6. Hypatia Sans Pro

Hypatia Sans Pro

7. Adobe Jenson Pro

Adobe Jenson Pro

8. Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro

9. Adobe Caslon Pro

Adobe Caslon Pro

10. Avenir


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