Reflowable EPUB

About the Reflowable EPUB


In order to edit and export ebooks you must have the Adobe InDesign CC since 2018.

The design made in Adobe InDesign may be exported in format:

  • PDF • PDF is now an open standard for e-documents.
  • EPUB (Reflowable) • It is flexible and easily adapts to different mobile devices or e-readers.
  • MOBI • Format for Kindle, obtained by turning it into the Kindle Previewer.

formats for ebooks

Where can I read the ebooks?

  • EPUB (Reflowable) format • e-Readers, tablets and cellphones.
  • MOBI format • Kindle by Amazon.

Where can I read the ebooks?

Essential tools for ebook design

  • Adobe Digital Editions | E-Reader | FREE • Optimize your reading experience with the best eBook reader across formats.
  • Readium | E-Reader | FREE • EPUB Reader for Chrome.
  • EPUB-Checker | Application | Freeware • Application to validate the EPUB format.
  • Kindle Previewer | Application | FREE • Preview how their books will appear when delivered to Kindle.
  • eCanCrusher | Application | FREE • Application to convert an EPUB folder into a compressed .epub file, and back.
  • Notepadd++ | Source code editor | FREE • Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad.
  • Sublime Text | Source code editor | FREE • Source code editor for Mac.
  • Oxygen XML | XML Editor | BUY • The Complete Solution for XML Authoring, Development & Collaboration.

Tutorials for EPUBS

1. General questions about EPUB Template in Adobe InDesign

2. Work with images

3. Semantic Markup in EPUB

4. Export your EPUB

5. Convert EPUB for Kindle

6. How to Use the Blank Template

7. Fonts for EPUBS

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